Why attend?

To apply for Stucco, you must attend three meetings and one of those three must be a General Meeting (GM). You can attend two committee meetings in the same night if they start at different times. Find out when our meetings are below. No meetings are ever on Fridays, Saturdays, or public holidays.


At the moment all meetings are hosted on zoom as well as being in person. Attending GM’s in person is recommended as they have more people attending in person and therefore are harder to understand through zoom!

The zoom links can be found on our facebook page.

If you show up and a meeting has been cancelled at the last minute, please let somebody here know and we will still mark you as attended.

Stucco is located at 197-207 Wilson Street, Newtown. When you rock up to Stucco, there’s a buzzer at the door. Ring any unit until someone lets you in. 

When are the meetings?

GMs are held every fifteen days, skipping over Fridays, Saturdays, and public holidays. All GMs start at 7pm. During lockdown all meetings are held on zoom. Check out our facebook page for the links!

General Meetings

25 November, Thursday

13 December, Monday

Committee Meetings

Membership: 7 days after the GM at 6pm

Next Meeting: Thursday 2nd December

Building and Maintenance: 7 days after the GM at 7pm

Next Meeting: Thursday 2nd December

Problems/Administration (PandA): 8 days after the GM at 7pm

Next Meeting:  Friday 3rd December

Finance: 8 days after the GM at 7pm

Next Meeting: Friday 3rd December