Hello friends of STUCCO Newtown. Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, STUCCO is no longer holding in-person meetings. Now you may be asking yourself “but what if I still have committee/GM meetings I need to attend to be eligible to apply for STUCCO?” Well, not to fret, we are going to be holding online meetings via zoom! We are going to post the times and links to these meetings on out facebook page, follow this link to find us

Remember to wash your hands and look out for one another during these time, LOVE STUCCO Newtown. ☺️☺️


To apply for Stucco, you must attend three meetings and one of those three must be a General Meeting (GM). You can attend two committee meetings on a night (one starts at 7pm and one starts at 8pm). Find out when our meetings are below. No meetings are ever on Fridays, Saturdays, or public holidays.

Please double-check this page on the day of the meeting in case there has been a late change in date or time. If you arrive and a meeting failed to go ahead, we will tick you off as if you had attended a meeting. If you are coming from out-of-town, send us an email to ask about crashing for a night or two in a room, or at least on a couch.

Stucco is located at 197-207 Wilson Street, Newtown. When you rock up to Stucco, there’s a buzzer at the door. Ring any unit until someone lets you in. 

General Meetings

General Meetings (or GMs) are Stucco’s version of Parliament. All the residents of Stucco get together every second week to hear committee reports, discuss various items, and vote on proposals.

Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings are the bread and butter of Stucco. The four committees of Stucco meet every two weeks. Every resident is a member of one of the four committees.

Calendar of General Meetings

GMs are held every fifteen days, skipping over Fridays, Saturdays, and public holidays. All GMs start at 7pm. Dinner is provided!

GM Dates for 2020:

19 January, Sunday
3 February, Monday
18 February, Tuesday
4 March, Wednesday
19 March, Thursday
5 April, Sunday
20 April, Monday
5 May, Tuesday
20 May, Wednesday
4 June, Thursday
21 June, Sunday
6 July, Monday
21 July, Tuesday
5 August, Wednesday
20 August, Thursday
7 September, Monday
22 September, Tuesday
7 October, Wednesday
22 October, Thursday
8 November, Sunday
23 November, Monday
8 December, Tuesday
23 December, Wednesday

Upcoming Meetings


Next GM: 7:00pm  Wednesday 7th October

Building and Maintenance (BnM): 7:00pm Tuesday 29th September

Problems and Administration (PANDA): 7:00pm Wednesday 30th September

Finance: 7:00pm Tuesday 29th September

Membership: 6:00pm Tuesday 29th September


If we have not had a chance to update the meeting times they run on the following schedule:

Building and Maintenance (BnM): Exactly one week following GM at 7pm. Eg. If GM is on Sunday 19th of January then BNM meeting will be on Sunday 26th January at 7pm.

Problems and Administration (PANDA):  Exactly eight days following the GM at 7pm. Eg. If the GM is on Sunday 19th of January then PANDA meeting will be on Monday 27th January at 7pm.

Finance: The week following the GM on a Tuesday night at 7pm. It is never in the same week as the GM with the week being Mon – Sun. Eg. If GM is on Sunday 19th of January then the Finance meeting will be on Tuesday 21st January at 7pm.

Membership: Exactly one week following GM at 6pm. Eg. If GM is on Sunday 19th of January the membership meeting will be on Sunday 26th January at 6pm.