Here are some of the more commonly asked questions regarding accommodation at STUCCO. If you have a question that is not answered in this list then please do not hesitate to contact STUCCO.


Could you tell me if I could get a room within a certain time period – say the next few weeks?



STUCCO does not maintain a waiting list so there is no guarantee of when you might be able to move in. When a vacancy arises, you will be notified and asked to come for an interview. The members of the unit will then decide based on this interview whether you are the right person for that unit.

What criteria are considered when you interview?

STUCCO is centrally concerned with providing affordable housing for low-income students. We consider the need for such housing in terms of short- and long-term stresses, including financial details, family situation, and the effects of discrimination resultant from racial background, gender, sexuality, and so on. At least 60% of residents must be eligible for community housing. We also consider how engaged people may be with cooperative values and organising, as well as their understanding of how STUCCO works – hence why you should come to more than the minimum three meetings! Interviews are difficult, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get in when you try.


Could you tell me a little more about the rooms?

Each room comes unfurnished, so you will have to provide all your own furniture. Details about the rest of the units are described on the Cooperative Living? page. Each room is a little bit different from each, but you can fit a double-bed, shelving, and a desk with relative ease.


I’m not studying at the University of Sydney this year, but I will be next year. Can I start applying now?

Yes. You are welcome to come to meetings, although you will not be eligible to move in until the vacation before the semester when your course starts.


Can I be a part time student and still live at STUCCO?

Residents of STUCCO must be full time students due to regulations stipulated by the University.


I will be moving to Sydney from overseas to start a course at the University of Sydney. Is it possible to apply for accommodation in advance before I arrive?

You are welcome to submit an application online immediately. However, you will need to attend three meetings in order to get a sense of what STUCCO is about before being eligible for an in-person interview.


Are pets allowed at STUCCO?

Depends. Small animals that only need contained spaces – definitely. Larger animals (including cats, dogs, rhinoceroses) are generally not allowed. This is because some members, current or future, may have allergies or fears of such animals. However, we do not prohibit animals who are also registered as mental health pets. While these are usually dogs, they do not have to be. See MindDog for more info on the law surrounding assistance animals – landlords cannot prohibit or refuse accommodation to people with assistance animals on the basis of that person having a pet.


I have a question which hasn’t been answered here. What would be the best way to contact you?

Method of contact is email. The emails are checked and replied to regularly so any queries you have can be directed there.


Do you know when there will next be interviews?

Generally, no. It is hard to predict when people move out. We usually will have some spots open up in between semesters (June-July) and a fair few towards the end of summer (January-February). Others will sometimes come up sporadically during semester. We will contact all eligible applicants when we know we are organising interviews.


What happens to STUCCO in the holidays?

STUCCO is not like a college – you do not have to vacate your room during the break. We still have meetings and it is a good idea to come to these if you haven’t been to three meetings in the last year.


I’d like to come around some time just to check the place out. Would that be okay?

Yes, although it is good to get in touch with us first. The best time to do this is when we have meetings. General meetings are held in the courtyard or hall, and people will often be around before or after to answer questions and show you around.


Do you accept international students as members?

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept Australian citizens and permanent residents as members. This is because we are considered community housing and so must adhere to the relevant legislation set by the state and federal governments.


I’m currently studying at a nearby university which is not the University of Sydney. Can I still apply?

STUCCO is strictly University of Sydney accommodation, so we are unable to accept applicants from other educational institutions.


I’ve decided to apply for STUCCO. What should I do now?

Go to the ‘applying’ tab above and fill in the online application form. Come to three meetings and make sure the minute taker records your full name so we can keep track of your attendance.


What other accommodation is available for students in Sydney?

Check the Accommodation Service at Sydney Uni. International students might like to visit the International Office.